Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new dresser came with accessories!!

When I went to pick up my new dresser I totally forgot that it came with two mirrors.  I did not plan on attaching them to the dresser but thought I would take them just because.  Well when I saw them  I was almost as excited about the mirrors as I was about the dresser.  I scored two of these....

I've been dying to put mirrors on each side of our bed behind our nightstands that hold our lamps.  HOWEVER I can't very well go buy new mirrors to go in our bedroom when I haven't even been able to find mirrors that I want for our master bath (yeah I know.....gotta get on that).

I'm going for a look something like this.

This is really similar to the colors in our master bedroom.  Everything is either gray or silver with a neutral carpet.  I know this is hard to believe but I am going to paint the mirror silver and voila new mirrors for our bedroom!!