Monday, July 7, 2014

My next project!!

So, I've found my next big project and I'm picking it up tonight!!!  I am so excited to share the pictures with you.  Now mind you, I haven't seen it in person but I love it based on the picture that I did get to see. 

We have a ginormous bare wall in the great room that has been screaming for SOMETHING!!  I found this six foot dresser and I am going to refinish it.  Let me tell you something else.  I couldn't beat the price.  Ryan isn't nearly as excited for one more project to take up room in his garage sooooooo I'll hopefully get to working on it this week. 

I also forgot to mention that it is just mom and I picking the dresser up tonight and it is pretty big.  I'm sure there will be some photo-worthy moments going on, so come back tonight and I'll update with pictures!

How about a little flashback in the meantime?  Remember when the house looked like this?  It is crazy to think what a difference a year makes.  

Look at us now. 
Let me just tell you something that I've said more than once (possibly more than 5 times) this summer.  Man am I happy to NOT be building a house this year.  WOW!! 


  1. haha i know how you feel. i'm happy to not be building a house this year too!! cant wait to see the new project!

  2. Wow I feel ya sister ;) Glad that "project" is done!!