Monday, January 19, 2015

To-do list progress and a new rug!!!

Because my husband can't sit still and we have an ever growing to-do list we got one item ticked off the list this weekend.  In case you missed my full to-do list you can catch it here

One of the things that has really been on the top of my list are the bi-fold doors.  I try to keep the closet off the garage as organized as possible but come on....I have two kids and a husband.  And let's be honest 2 kids+me+hubby = lots of crap!!  So here is the before in case you missed out.

And this is the glorious after picture!  The handles are still brass but I will paint those silver to match everything else in the house.  Why did I get doors with brass handles you ask?  Well read on.

When I was laying on the couch sick for five days the week before last I had plenty of free time.  So I started to peruse Craigslist and stumbled upon a deal I couldn't refuse.  I got the doors above and a set for Emma's bedroom for 35 bucks.  If I were to run out to Lowe's and buy them brand new they would have cost me about $225.  I gotta say that I got a deal.  Now mind you these doors were not in the best shape ever.  My hubby had to sand them, clean them and then paint them but they turned out fabulous.  The set for Emma's room is in a bit tougher shape and are taking a little more elbow grease but I think they will turn out just as well!! 

On another note, I never knew that a rug could make me so happy but it did.  I found this little gem at Marshall's on the clearance rack for $10.  Isn't it adorable?  I freaking love it!

And last but not least.  The hubby and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary last week and went out to dinner Saturday night.   Annnnnddddddd I won 10 bucks.  Yep, I'm kind of a big deal :-)

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I must admit that I'm a little jealous of your door score....I've been looking for something similar and I haven't found them yet....but I will! :)

    1. Thank you and good luck!! I'm sure you'll find something just as awesome :-)