Monday, July 10, 2017

Sidewalk Prep!

Happy Monday everybody!  The real bummer about this week is the fact that we actually have to work FIVE whole days.  I'm thinking I could really get on board with a THREE day work week.  Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

Onto our landscaping update.  First thing that needs to happen are the sidewalks.  Now mind you on Friday night I told my husband yeah let's start getting a plan together for our sidewalks and shoot for pouring them in August.

Well, when I got back from Adventure Saturday with my brother, my kids, my nieces and nephew, Ryan had already laid out the sidewalk.  Here is what I came home to....

Here is the front porch where our new steps will go!  Just found out that many places don't even make rounded concrete steps because of strict new guidelines.  Soooooo, that made my decision easy. Square steps it is!!

Here is where the sidewalk will go across the front of the garage and lead to the front porch....and Zoey my little photo-bomber.  The space close to the house will be where we pant the arborvitae and my pots filled with flowers.

This is on the left side of the house (if you're facing the front).  There won't be a sidewalk here but we're digging it out so we can't plant here.  We'll outline it with cottage stone.....yet to be determined.

I am soooooo excited.  I really think it is going to make a huge difference.  As many of you know, or some of you have figured, my husband does NOT waste any time once he focuses on a project.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what we got done on Sunday.  

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