Friday, July 14, 2017


Whew this week just got a little crazy after we last chatted on Monday!!  My car started acting up on my way in to work on Monday and I had to ask one of my BFF's to follow me home (on the back roads of course) to make sure that I didn't have any issues.
When we came to the stop light I received a text:  "Nice Hooptie".  I knew immediately what she meant and started to laugh hysterically.  Some of you may be too young or just didn't grow up with us but when we say hooptie it's not the best thing to happen.....when you don't intend for your car to look like it has hydraulics ;)  Ok, ok so it wasn't THAT bad but you get the point.  It was clearly obvious to all those around me that I was having a "slight" issue!!!

So Tuesday I hopped in my Jeep to head to work and made it half way and my Jeep started pulling and my low tire light popped on!  Sure enough my tire was losing air and quickly.  Sooooooo I turned around and again took to the back roads to make it home.  Yep I had a nail in my tire.  Not my week!!!  Blah, so I worked from home.

I believe I was meant to be home that day because our little fur baby, Zoey, needed an unexpected trip to the vet to have her poor tail looked at.  Not great news but holding out hope :-)  The vet had to sedate her in order to get a good look at her tail.  Here is Jake comforting her while she was sedated. She was still awake but completely still.  I think he was worried she was scared....

Have you ever had to hold a 100 lb german shepherd as her drugs were kicking in?  Wow we got our workout in that day at the vet!!!!

Anywho, enough of my excuses for why I've been a slacker.  Here is what we got done last Sunday on our landscape project!!

So what do you think?  We're making some serious progress, huh???  We cannot wait to get them in but it looks like we're shooting for the first week in August....maybe the second.  There is still a ton of prep work that needs to be done to be completely side walk ready but we're getting there.  CAN.NOT.WAIT.


  1. Good job. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Jake is so sweet. Hope Joey is doing OK. Your project looks like it is well under way. I'm sure it will be fabulous.