Friday, March 16, 2012

Grandma Dropped the "F" Bomb

Hahahhaha, I love that title.  It just makes me smile.  It really makes me smile cuz it really is the truth.  Yep, dainty little Grandma Peg dropped the "F" bomb the other night.....right in front of Jake.  I wished I would have had a camera to capture Jake's reaction.  My immediate response was "jeez, ear-muffs."  Even better?  I think she was directing it towards my father (I cannot confirm nor deny that though)!!

Soooooo when Grandma Peg is not busy talking like a truck-driver she is busy baking one of her famous creations.  Check out this cute little bunny cake mom baked last Sunday!

Isn't it totally adorkable???  Also a bit torturous as mom and I are living the low-carb lifestyle so we were just fortunate enough to smell it and NOT taste it. 

Annnnnddddd there it is frosted with some german chocolate frosting and some chocolate chips for the eyes, mouth, and nose.  Would it be awkward if I said I was licking my computer screen right now (come on I haven't had any carbs in 2 weeks!)?  Would it be even more awkward if I said it was my computer screen at work since I am blogging on my lunch hour?  No?  I didn't think so!

That is all I've got time for right now!  Still waiting on quite a few estimates to come back on house stuf and ya'll know how patient I am so it has been a looooooonnnnnnngggggggg wait!  Hoping to get some numbers back this weeked or sometime next week.

Ryan and I have a 9 am appointment at Chelsea Lumber tomorrow morning.  They are going to give us an estimate on all of our rough materials.  That will probably take them 2 weeks so we figured we better make the trip to Chelsea and get this show on the road!!

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