Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I really need to visit the storage unit!

Before mom and dad kick us out ;)  I have way too much crap stacking up in the loft!  The loft, also known as, our "living room" looks like a burying ground for new home goods.  Holy crap I have accumulated a whole lotta stuff and need to put it somewhere.  Pretty much ANYWHERE but the loft. 

There is my very efficient coupon filing system.  Classy, huh?

 Some of my stash from Ikea that is exploding at the seems.  Ya see what "as is" purchases get ya?  No packaging!

Then there is that debacle.  A waterfall of home goods, if you will.  There are some stainless steel mixing bowls, a wok, some towels, a duvet cover,  my hurricane vases for the kids' bathroom....and some fishies!

Basically way too much non-essential crap!  Soooooo I am hoping to take a road trip out to the storage unit to free up some space.  Speaking of WAY too much crap.  Wait'll you see the storage unit......

Oh and a little couponing update for ya!  I got all of this for $7.45!!

Heads up for tomorrow's post.  I am going to be spotlighting a very special little birthday girl!!

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