Thursday, June 28, 2012

I need your cabinet input!!!

Next on my task list is to find cabinets that I really, REALLY want!  That is where YOU my loyal readers come in.  I have priced several different types but I think I need to price a few more.  Of course, I immediately thought Merrilat but I have had some less than stellar recommendations from several people.  So, the first cabinets I priced were from Menard's and they were made by Shrock.
This is pretty close to the color that I want and the style is going to be slightly different....a bit more simple!

I wanted to share some pictures but those damn pictures are copyrighted within and inch of their lives.

Then I went to this place called American Cabinets and Countertops down on Airport Highway.  I had a certain cabinet all picked out but of course I couldn't get them in the color I wanted.  I am dead set on the color I want and was not budging.  Soooooooo I found another manufacturer that had the color and style I wanted and I SWEAR that not 5 minutes prior the salesman was saying those were the crappiest cabinets they had.  You can't imagine how fast he changed his song and dance one he was trying to sell me those crappy cabinets ;)  Nevermind......

Yeah I am not seeing the style that I wanted but this is the color I want.....Espresso.  This cabinet quote came in about $3,000 less than the Shrock's which made me think even more that they weren't as great quality.  

I am now thinking about hitting Home Depot and getting a price on some Kraftmaid Cabinets.  I know exactly what I want, it is just a matter of finding it for the best price and getting the biggest bang for my buck!!

Any of you out there have any advice on cabinet manufacturers?  Believe me I appreciate all the input that I can get!  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts :-)

I am going to take a road trip to Menard's and Home Depot this weekend (hopefully) so I will have some live action photos of the cabinets I want.  There won't be anybody copyrightin' those photos over my shoulder!

So, so many decisions to make......

Oh and in the meantime, I need to go buy the rest of these for the house so I can check off one item for the house as completely purchased.  Yeah, yeah so they're just doorknobs but those are the little things that get ya in the end!

Oh and tomorrow night I will write up the birthday girl's post!

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