Monday, June 11, 2012

Tree progress and marathon time!!

So there's not a whole lotta house building going on at the property but there is a ton of tree demo.  We have almost all the trees cleared out along the ditch and have two GINORMOUS piles of brush to burn.  We are also gonna burn the ditch but will need to have plenty of help so as not to burn down the metropolis town of Pburg!

So while we've been cutting down a crap ton of trees we've also had some that are growing.  Remember that teeny tiny pine "tree" that Jake brought home from Ag Day and we planted?  Well check this baby out!

Can you believe that?  Who would have thought that it would have actually survived.

There's my boys doing some weeding to keep that baby growing.  Man, you might be able to see it from the road in a good 20 years :)

Ok, onto marathon week!

Yep, I am running the Ann Arbor Marathon Sunday morning.  Let me tell you how thrilled Ryan was when he realized it was Father's Day!  Sorry honey, I really did NOT realize it was Father's Day til after I signed up.  PINKY PROMISE <3

Ok, ok I am focusing.  So according to the future forecast it is supposed to be 91 degrees.  Say it with me....AWESOME!!  That was my worst fear with a June marathon.  Oh well check out my new kicks:

I've been running in them for about 2 weeks to get 'em ready.  So this week is full of rest and lots of hydrating.....and NOT my normal form of hydration.

Yup, that was my last Busch Light until I cross the finish line on Sunday.  Oh and do you find it coincidental that my new nail polish matches my new shoes and quite possibly my new Nike shirt?  Total coincidence ;)

One final question.  How freaking HILARIOUS would it be if I wore this shirt in the marathon????

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  1. About Jake's tree u will be really surprised in about 10 years. They grow really fast!

    Good luck with your marathon.