Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I made it to Oregon and back in one piece!

Oregon, OHIO you crazies!!  You know I don't make it much further than Ohio ;)  Sooooooo I found my new fave website....well my my new favorite house stuff website.  If you go to Menard's website, they have this crazy little thing called Rayslist and it is the BOMB (wow that sounds really lame).  It has, according to the website, "display models, open box, minor damage or discontinued items in our Menards® Store Bargain areas."  Did I mention that I am hooked???
So you can search for all of the screamin' deals by location.  So, I found this counter top that would fit PERFECTLY in my future laundry room.  As ya'll know I bought these cabinets and I am going to paint them white or cream.....

So I found this counter top on the website and was stalking the Oregon Menard's the last 2 days to make sure they hadn't sold it.  I mean come on 20 bucks for the laundry room counter top?  You cannot beat that.  So thus far I have a whopping $120 wrapped up in the laundry room.

Once my brotha from another motha told me that there was a big ole bridge on the way to Oregon I started to panic a bit.  Soooooo I conned my dad into going with me.  I got out of work at 3:00 today (thank you CoE) and headed home to get my daddy-o and hit the road.  We made 'er in one piece.  ***However let me just say that I about passed out while driving across the bridge.


We did make it across (both times) and dad also pointed out to me that it used to be a draw bridge but instead they just made it really HIGHER and alot BIGGER.  That did not help my white knuckles and my driving 50 mph in the middle lane ;)  I digress....back to my new counters!

Here they are in the back of Ryan's truck!
Here is dad pushing my $20 find through Menard's on the biggest bummer cart ever!!  Let me just say that picking a piece of crap cart must be genetic.  I have the gift of picking the worst cart in Kroger EVERY time I go.  I think we got EVERYBODY'S attention with this hot mess of a cart!
Ryan and I are off until Monday so that means lots of house stuff for the next few days.  We REALLY need to get our shizz together and really finish getting all the numbers so we can go to the bank with final numbers.  We also have some more work to do at the property so I'll have lots of action photos to share!

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