Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guess what is getting a makeover....already?!??!

Yep, we haven't been here a year and I'm already changing something.  I know, I know....big shocker!!

Anyhow, remember these?

I painted these blue a few months back and have just never really LOVED them.  I was trying to think outside my usual decorating box but they're just not my jam.  (For the record I was going for more of a navy and got "blueberry hill".)

Once I paint the tables that also means that I am going to have to changes these!

I do love the colors but they are just too bold for me!  The sun room just feels a bit too casual to me.  I looovvveeeee my couch and it is very plush and a little more foo-foo than the colors and fabrics bring to the space!!  I'm more of a neutral girl so that is where I'm heading with this makeover.  I'm going to paint the side tables Coliseum Marble.  In all honesty when I first got these tables I wanted to do a creamy white.  Soooooo, here I go with a creamy taupe.  Once I get them painted I might hit them with a little wax. 

I've got everything ready and tonight is THE night.  Gotta admit, I'm pretty excited.  I'm going to have that space PERFECT by Thanksgiving.

It is also possible that THIS area is getting a makeover next.....

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  1. ahh we are always making things over, dont worry you are not alone! good luck, hope you get the color you want and is more YOU!