Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to couponing....kind of!!

I was a crazy couponer for a long time!!!  Then I slacked, got back into it, then slacked again.
Anndddd now I'm back into it.

Couponing takes quite a bit of time but can really pay off in the end.  HOWEVER, one thing I was guilty of was buying things that I wouldn't usually buy just because I had a coupon.

Soooooo, I've revised my plan of attack.  Instead of using my $10-$20 weekly coupon budget to buy those things that I wouldn't necessarily use (because I have a coupon) I'm instead stocking up on those things that we ALWAYS use.  So each week I'm finding the best coupon deals and/or sales on the things we frequently use and stocking up on them.

Fast forward to this week.  We definitely paid more than $20 to stock up this week but we really got a good start on building our stock back up.

This week toilet paper and paper towels were super cheap at Kroger.  As were cereal, Betty Crocker potatoes, whole wheat pasta and toothpaste.  So we took advantage!

We got 10 ($1.00 each) boxes of scalloped potatoes and 10 ($1.00 each) boxes of au gratin potatoes for $10.00.  Kroger had an eCoupon for $2.00 off four boxes and you could use the coupon up to five times....and we did!  So it was $20.00 for 20 boxes and we saved $10.00 with our five eCoupons.

The cereal was on sale two for $7.00 and then Kroger had an eCoupon for $3.00 off two boxes of General Mills.  We got three boxes of Multi Grain Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and two boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  We paid a total of $16.00 for all 8 boxes.  One thing to note was that these were the family size boxes so they were HUGE.  Stocking up on breakfast items is perfect moving into the school year.

Those Brawny paper towels were two packages for $10.00 (originally about $10.59 EACH when not on sale) and we had to $.75 coupons so we got them for $8.50.

Yup those sparkle paper towels were also two for $10.00 annddddd the angel soft toilet paper packages of 16 double rolls were also two for $10.00 and we got four of those.

The Kroger brand of whole wheat spaghetti was on close out for $.97 so I bought six of those and our favorite Colgate toothpaste was on sale for $1.00 so I got six.

So we clearly spent more than $20 per week but we really picked up these items over the last two weeks and didn't break the bank.  Now that we've got a new base we are going to continue to go with our $10-$20 budget each week and stock from there.

Does anybody else do this?  Any other crazy couponers out there?

P.S.  It is also possible that I still have about 16 bottles of laundry soap that I stocked up on last time it was SUPER on sale and had high value coupons :P

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