Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunroom Progress Pics!

Well here they are!!  I'm not completely finished but couldn't wait to show you.  I don't really think that these pictures do the room justice but I can't stop looking at it.....and making anybody that comes over look at it!!  #sorrynotsorry  LOVE IT!!!
Be prepared for a very large photo dump.  I'm not going to bore you with my babbling just the sunshiney goodness of the sunroom.

I got the two orange chairs from World Market and it was the best find I've gotten in a while.  My mom and I stumbled onto this coffee table and it was about 67% off at Home Goods (yup it was my early birthday present) and we scooped it up Saturday morning.  And the pillows, oh the pillows, I got those at home goods about a month ago and LOVE THEM.  They were what finally inspired me to finish the sunroom.  So here you go.......


All I need at this point are curtains and an area rug!!  Those things will have to wait a bit but ya never know.....I just might find more screaming deals before you know it :-)

Well what do you think????


  1. Just beautiful! I love it. I love the table, the chairs, pillows and the plant. Wish I could find a World Market here. I'm looking for a few things for our "new" house. Great job with the pictures, Emma.

  2. I love it all! Looks so great. Plants are awesome. Great colors.

  3. Sure wish it had a rug--just kidding. It looks perfect as is. I hope you get a TV and never have to go into another room.