Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Sunday....or not!

Ok, ok so my Sunday didn't quite pan out the way I had hoped.  I had great intentions of tackling my dining room set makeover.  Soooooo as I was getting ready to head to Lowe's I remembered that I had a baby shower to go to.  YIKES!  I had to kick my fanny in gear and get the show on the road.  I headed to Lowe's to get the TSP (cleaner and de-greaser), the primer, the paint and my paint brushes.  I was successful and got the things I needed for my dining room set....however I ALSO got these:

Oh and these......

I barely had room in the cart for the paint and supplies that I initially went to buy ;)

I literally bought as many as I could fit in the back of my Jeep!  I just couldn't pass them up.  All of the plants on the left were 25 cents and the plants on the right were 49 cents.  Now THAT is a screamin' deal.  I'll show you what I did with all those plants when I come back tomorrow!

Now before I leave I just wanted to share a little picture from the property today.  Ahhhhh I can't wait until I am able to look out my window and see THIS every day <3

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