Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kitchen Colors!

As we are getting oh so close to breaking ground, I am really settling into my color scheme.  I know, I know it is hard to believe.  I mean what have I had, three or four years to plan?  Here is a picture that is VERY comparable to what our kitchen is going to look like!

The counter tops are very close to the same color granite we are getting and the cabinets are pretty close to the same color we are going with.  Not quite the same cabinet style but the color is close.  Even the range hood and the appliances are almost identical.  Wood floors will be a bit darker but pretty dang close!

Remember this picture?

Well it is going to go in our sun room which is right off the kitchen.  Kind of like the same color scheme as the breakfast room above.  However I am planning on going with a neutral colors on the wall but just using a bunch of the different greens as accents. 

Now go figure, but I have picked up a few green things for the sun room and the kitchen.

I got this cozy throw (for the yet to be purchased love seat for the sun room) annnnnnnnddddddddd some swanky martini beer glasses.

Don't you just love them?  Awwwwwwww I can't wait to break them out!  Hurry up Spring and GET HERE!!!

                                                                   LOVES IT!!

Ok, next time I am going to share all of the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations that I have purchased for 80% - 90% off.  Hey Tommy and Johnna heads up, I might have a couple more totes to store in the basement.  Sshhhhhh don't tell Ryan about the fact that I have MORE stuff to store ;)

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