Thursday, January 3, 2013

Door Knobs!

Yep, how is that for a title for my first post in almost 6 weeks?!?!  Sounds good and exciting huh?  Well you will probably think so once you see them!  Most of you know me and know that my grandpa Ike passed away in September.  He was the sweetest grandpa ever and lived to be 95!!!  How's that for some great genes??

Here he was when we went in September to celebrate his 95th birthday with him :-)

Anyhow my Uncle Joe was thinking of me and saved something he thought I might like to remind me of Grandma Jean and Grandpa Ike.  Let me tell ya, he was wrong.....cuz I LOVE THEM!!!

I got these glorious glass door knobs.  They are soooooooo cool!  We will have two walk in closets in our master bedroom and these door knobs are going on my closet door.  Now I am on a mission to find curtain rods that have finials to match this set :-)

I also got a little something else from Grandpa's house, huh Tommy?  However I will save that for another post!

Speaking of Tommy, how cute were we when we were little?

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