Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love my tile!!

I went out planning to simply get a few prices on some tile and counter tops for our master bath.  We are taking all of our final paperwork to the bank on Monday and wanted to make sure that I had all of our numbers nailed down.  Not sure if I shared this with you before, but this is the look I am going for in our master bath (with bluish/green walls):

I absolutely LOVE the tile on the wall here and plan on going with black vanities and white marble counters.  We also have a rather large walk in shower in the master bath and needed to get some quotes on tile for that as well.
I decided to hit up The Tile Shop in Ann Arbor.  If you haven't been in there before you MUST check it out!!!  I love it there.  If it wouldn't have been awkward I would have hung out even longer and looked at all of the displays again (yeah I know I have issues)!!
After I wandered aimlessly for a while I found Nate Rymarz and asked him for some help!!  It didn't take long and I stumbled upon the PERFECT slate for our bathroom!!  Here it is....

This picture makes it look a bit lighter than what it really is (the colors really are almost identical to the wall tile above) but believe me, it is BEAUTIFUL!!  So if you are in the market for some new tile there is a huge selection to choose from at The Tile Shop.  Now, I just have to find some room to store 100 sq. feet of tile ;)

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