Monday, January 21, 2013

Seems like yesterday....

It really does seem like yesterday that we were moving out of our house!  Well it certainly wasn't yesterday but it was exactly one year ago today that we officially moved in with mom and dad.

Yep see that?  That was the very last par-tay we had in the barn!  Sniffle, sniffle!!
I can't forget that night cuz it was somebody's b-day.....Yep ^ that ladies birthday!  Poor Aunt BJ had to spend her birthday packing boxes, shampooing carpets, and listening to me cry about leaving the house that "we brought our babies home to."  Bwwhahahaha!!! 

Fast forward to one year later and here we are!  We submitted all of our final paperwork to the bank last week and now we wait.  Now we wait for 3 weeks for the construction appraisal and then another 2 weeks for banking stuff.  Soooooo we could technically start building in 5 weeks.....if EVERYTHING goes perfectly.  If I've learned one thing about this process??  Nothing goes perfectly so I am not getting my hopes up. 
The biggest question of all is how much MOOLAH do we have to bring to the table???

Uhm yeah if I had turbo roles of 100 dollar bills wrapped up in my drawer I would be all set.  However, I don't!  So now we wait to see how much our property appraises for and how much the house appraises for.  Keep your fingers crossed that is appraises for LOTS :-)  Again, not getting my hopes up...but one can dream, right?

The bank will determine how much cash we have to have up front.  We have been under the impression all along that it will be 20% HOWEVER we were just informed that it could be at least 25% (bottom line it is their call).  So, as I said, now we wait......for the bank to decide our fate!!! 
(I'm a poet and didn't know it)

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