Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And then the bank called!!

One would think that was good news but I knew it was WAY too soon to hear from the bank.  I was riding shot gun on the way home from work tonight and I got a call from Greenstone......

Now let's rewind 3 years ago to the time when we bought the property.  One of the neighbors had dog kennels that were encroaching on our property.  Apparently in Michigan there is this fancy thing called adverse possession....blah, blah, blah go google it if you really care.  Cliff notes version, once we bought the property we had to go stake out all of our property lines and tell our neighbors to move their crap off our property line.  How is that for a welcome to the neighborhood??  Hi there nice to meet you, could you move your shizzle of our land?  Needless to say we did it within that first month and all was well.

Now back to that phone call.  Greenstone called and said that the appraiser said that we had dog kennels encroaching on our property (now mind you, 3 years ago they were probably 3 feet on our property) and was concerned that it would decrease the property value.  I told "A" our person at Greenstone that I was pretty sure all of this had been cleared up 3 years ago and we shouldn't have any problems......so I offered to go get photographic evidence

So now prepare yourself for what is coming.  I decided to take you all along on my little field trip to show that the kennels weren't on the property.

*****Caution:  You are entering annoying voice territory********

Needless to say the kennels are WAY off the property line (since 3 years ago) so I just gotta forward the pictures and hope that the pictures will clear up any questions.  Ugghhhhhhh it is NEVER easy!!

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