Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How this project started....

When we first decided that we were going to build a new house, Ryan and I had this big idea that he would build us a brand new glorious dining room table.  The more we kept thinking about it, we realized it would probably cost a fortune for us to buy the wood and build it but still planned on doing so.  We also decided that we wanted to have two pedestals for the base instead of four legs.  My mama was the one who gave us the pedestal ideal so you could fit more chairs around the table and not have to fight with the legs in the four corners!  She is always thinking, I tell ya!

I knew Ryan could build the top but what was he gonna do whittle me some wooden pedestal legs?

The answer to that is NO.  So what would any good bargain shopper do?  I took to Craigslist on a mission to find an old table that had some really cool pedestals that could serve as the base for the wonderful-ness that would be Ryan's creation.  Thennn I stumbled upon a table with 2 great pedestals and 5 chairs.  As a matter of fact, the whole set was in pretty decent condition.  Then in an instant, Ryan was off the hook!  I decided that we would just refinish the entire set and re-cover the chairs with new fabric!
So here are some of the before and and during action photos:

There you have the before product!  I have some more before pictures of the "lovely" fabric on the seats to share and will upload those later.  Next post I will show you how things looked at the next step of priming (foreshadowing:  priming = bad idea).

Until then.....

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