Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dog kennels....part deux!

In case any of you lost any sleep as I am sure you did last night, I just wanted to give you an update.  I sent the pictures to A at Greenstone and let her know that the issues had long been resolved.  She responded first thing this morning letting me know that the appraiser hadn't even actually been to the property yet but was looking at the survey that showed the kennels as being on our property.  We just never had that part of our survey updated to show that the kennels were moved.  She sent the pictures to the appraiser, not to mention it will be very clear when he walks the property,  so we should be all set now.......

Whew, first hurdle cleared!  And to that I say....ROCK ON!!

 ****Just another warning.  Now that I realized I can upload videos from my camera you are all going to be tortured with more of my annoying voice and field trips.  So.....sorry in advance!!

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  1. Videos are a good thing :-) No need to apologize in advance 'cause I will be glad to see them. Love the pic!