Friday, January 4, 2013

I gotta help....for realllllzzz???

Yep, rumor on the street has it that Ryan is REALLY going to make me help build the house.  Who woulda thunk it?  I though he was just yanking my chain.  HOWEVER, his intentions became very clear when he got me this for Christmas.

Yep a fully loaded pink tool belt.  Lucky for you I cropped out my lovely Christmas morning bed head (you're welcome).  Oh and Ryan was sure to tell me that my tool belt was NOT for shits and giggles and that it was fully functional.  I said yeah, yeah I know!  I did start getting a little nervous when he started talking about me being up on the roof.  Then I remembered we are paying somebody to do the roof.  Good try honey!!

So, this is what I got for Ryan.


Annnddd some drill bits and and a couple of other things that I am way too lazy to look up on the interweb :-)  So, as you can tell there was a definite theme amongst our Christmas this year.  That theme was GET OUT ON THAT PROPERTY AND BUILD A HOUSE!!!

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