Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I really NEED this bench!

Not sure if you guys remember my bedding that I bought, oh I don't know, 2 years ago!  If not, I will share to get you up to speed.  I got this for our master bedroom from Macy's probably pretty close to 2 years ago.

And here is a slightly better shot.

It is gray with a silver sheen to it.  I plan on painting our walls gray and going with lots of silver and white and some black accents.  Well I have been debating on an accent color.  Guess what?  I found it.  I found these SAAAWWWEEETTTT pillows at Home Goods that are gray and well kind of a bluish, greenish, sea foamy, teal.  Yeah, that IS a real color.  I bought 2 of those and love them.  I will take a picture and share tonight. 

Cuz this will be going in our room right in front of the windows as a little reading area.  I need to find a super fluffy bluish, greenish, sea foamy, teal throw to put on the chair.  It just so happens that I found one at TJ Maxx and it was gone the next time I came back :(  Never fails!

So I have been on a mission to find a bench to put at the foot of our bed.  Thennnnn I found THIS!

I would have taken it home with me that day had I been absolutely sure that it was the correct color.  I fought the urge and decided to wait for 2 things.  1. for me to find a 25% off coupon and 2. to take my pillows with me to Pier 1 and make sure they look good together.

I also had Vanna White along with me to help model the bench.  You wanna know what else she did?  The minute we got home she said to Ryan "mom was going to buy more furniture and it was this bench that cost 250 dollars!"  Uhmmm you wanna know what?  That is THE last time she goes shopping with me :-)

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