Monday, November 12, 2012

The nursery....

NO, not THAT kind of nursery you crazy people!!!  A nursery of the plant variety.  Yep, this is what we did with all of our plants:

We decided to set up a spot out in the corner of the property to start planting trees and/or plants as we get them for a good price.  Thennnnnn when we actually have a HOUSE we can transplant them around the yard.

Here are some sweet action photos:

Hahhahaa and one of Ryan looking THRILLED that I won't stop taking pictures.  I am certain that the newness of my camera is getting on his nerves.  Naaawwwwww he'll get over it.

Oh and I really did help plant I just didn't get any action photos.  You guys should give me a big ole collective THANK YOU!  I had what you might like to refer to as a little plumber's crack going on while planting.  So again, YOU'RE WELCOME!!

I do have proof though!

Look at my dirty knees.  Yep, there ya have it!

Here are some up closes shots.

These are all ornamental kale.  Hey you can call it what you want.  Me?  I call it the best 25 cents that I have spent in a long time. 

Orrrrr was THIS the best 25 cents I've ever spent?


Nope I've gotta go with the plants on this one!

I have to be honest with you.  Ryan and I headed to Lowe's after we planted all of these and bought another 25 different plants.  Oh and then my dad brought home another 5 plants on Saturday.  What can I say the bargain shopping is in my genes!!

Sadly enough I didn't have this Monday off to help Ryan plant all of the new goods.  Sooooo the poor guy had to plan another 25 plants in the himself!  I really do have an AWESOME husband :-)

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