Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to the granite!

I told ya'll that the granite guy made a house call last weekend to show us some samples.  We found this guy through friends of ours that just had new granite installed.  His prices are indeed the cheapest that we have found around.  Now when I say cheaper, I mean cheaper.  He was 13 bucks per sq. foot cheaper than any place we had found! 

In case anybody else is looking for a good deal on granite,  here is the link to Trusted Improvement out of Novi!  The funny part?  He just jacked up the prices sooooooo maybe not quite as cheap.  He was $40 per sq. foot and now he is at $45.  Cheaper but not nearly as cheap anymore ;)

Here are the samples that you can choose from.

and another shot....

And the winner is.................

Giallo Ornamental

Fancy huh?  At least I can tell I am very consistent.  This was the same granite I picked out at American Cabinets & Countertops.  The difference you ask?  About 1,800 bucks!!

Now onto the cabinets.  Andy, from Trusted Improvement, also gave me a quote on cabinets.  His quote was great price-wise and it even included all the bells and whistles like soft close, etc.  Well when he showed me the choices I literally had FOUR to choose from.....four specific style doors with specific colors.  I KNEW there had to be a catch.  If I wanted to get the specific style and color that I REALLY want (and I do) it was going to be DOUBLE.  Needless to say, Andy will be referred to as the granite guy and NOT the granite and cabinet guy ;) 

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