Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I went to Ikea?

Oh yeah, I did!!  Hopefully my technology cooperates tonight.  Here are the goods:

I got this super cute salad bowl for $7.99 and also scored one for my mama cuz she loved it too :)

This is a duvet cover for Emma Jean's new purple bedroom.  I think this was only $29.99.  You can't really get the full effect but I knew if I took this out of the little package, I would NEVER get it back in there.  There is an Ikea ad on TV that has this on one of the beds if you pay close attention.

 Yup, I got this duvet cover "as is" for $9.99....couldn't pass it up!  It did NOT come in a fancy small package.  I had to buy a $0.57 Ikea bag to put it in.
Seriously, how cute is this?  This is a little tropical collapsible cooler that we can keep in our camper.  That way if we decide to take a trip to the beach at the campground, we can load it up with plenty of cold beer pop and water ;)

There ya have it!!

As for a house update???  Well we are THIS close to going to the bank.  We are literally waiting on one bid and one more piece that we need to price out....the electrical.  Soooooooo hopefully we will get a good idea of when we are REALLY going to be able to start :)

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