Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ikea Trip.....

Well I know some of you (ahem, Bebe) have been waiting to hear about the Ikea road trip.  Let me just start out by asking if Ikea is looking to adopt me!  To sum it up in 2 words....LOVES IT!  I really thought I had died and gone to heaven.  However me flopping my jaws is NOT doing any justice.  Let me share our trip via photos:

Yup look at the excitement on my face (oh and my "civil war" hat)!

I was so excited to be there.  So this picture reminded me of when we went to Mt. Rushmore and dad made us strategically place our hands to look like we were holding the Presidents in our hands!

Now check out this picture!

Yep, if you click on the picture you can see how much the birds like the Ikea sign.  They like it so much they left a "present" down the side of the building.

Whew we DID eventually make it out of the parking lot and into the actual store!  Yep we made it into the store and to this place!

Yep (turn your head) and you will see dad busting out the big breakfast plate.  Dad was starving once we got there so we got him some fuel so he could shop!  Just so you know...the breakfast was VERY reasonable!
Then we hit the store and I couldn't stop taking pictures!  I wanted all of the following:

Well I bet you thought you were going to get some pictures...HOWEVER I am having technical difficulties so you will have to come back tomorrow.  Sorry about that, but I will see ya'll tomorrow!

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