Thursday, April 5, 2012

Speaking of meat....

this is what we had for dinner!

Mmmmmmm mom made shish ka-bobs tonight and they were sooooooo good!  Well until she served us the second batch that was undercooked.  Do you think maybe she was trying to knock us off?  Naawwwww!!  Not my mom.  Ya know, my mom that swears like a trucker while commuting to and from work (shhhhhh don't tell her I said that).  I really need to start uploading videos.  Believe me I threatened it today ;)

Ok back to my hurricanes.  Drum roll please......

Here is my cheap version!!

Yep, all three of those glass containers, the sand, the shells and the candles cost LESS than one of those hurricanes on Pottery Barn's website.  I think I have $26.50 wrapped up in all of that.  Let me also mention that I have about 6000 more shells to do SOMETHING with!

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