Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday! Are you brave enough?

Hello and happy (technically) Thursday!  Yep tomorrow is my Friday and this is how I've been rolling all week.  Some people think that I'm crazy and others are TOTALLY on board and like my thinking.
Soooooo, let's get going.  Black Friday!  Do you brave Black Friday (see I capitalize it because my iPhone capitalizes it every time I type it so if iPhone says to, I do it :P)???
Let's be honest there is nothing that I'm DYING to buy on Black Friday but you wanna know why I brave Black Friday?   I get to roll out at 5 am with my BFF's and we're really in it for the funny sweaters anndddddddddd.......maragaritas, beer and tacos.  DUH!!!!!

Yeah this was from two years ago.  We literally bought these in Target and walked out and changed into them in the parking lot.  And in case some of  you didn't get it, Conni's head is the elf head.  Bwhwhahahhahaa!!!  #insidejoke

Ok, so onto a few things that I would like to purchase this week.  Yeah only a couple are presents and a couple are presents for me.  

I am on a mission to find this on Friday for one of my nephews.  I saw this and thought of him immediately AND his mom just happened to approve the purchase!

I also found out that my niece is really into baking these days so this is what I'm looking to score for her on Friday (looks like online for her gift #score)

Now, onto a couple little things for mama!! 

I absolutely love this shirt from JCPenney and you cannot beat the price!!

This sweater I am dying for.  I think I'm going to bite the bullet and DO IT.  One of my favorite bloggers was wearing it in her family holiday pictures and it is A-DOR-ABLE!!!!  The price can't be beat either!!

So, do you brave Black Friday???  What is the #1 item you're searching for this year?  

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