Friday, November 18, 2016

More Spray Paint Fun!

I'm pretty sure you've noticed by now that I LOVE spray paint.  #captainobvious  I've spray painted more things than I care to admit.
When I was spray painting my vases last weekend I found some glittery blue twigs and berries (yeah I said that!) but they just weren't the right color for the breakfast nook/sunroom.  I went to throw them back in the Christmas tote and then the angels started to sing and the light shone down on my can of Krylon gold spray paint.  Yeah that was a little over dramatic but it was pretty close to that.
Heres how they looked initially.  They are just too bright for the breakfast nook.  The blue in that area is more of a cobalt blue.

So I grabbed my can of spray paint and headed to the garage.

 Here they are after the first coat.  No magic here.  Just aim and spray.

I let them dry for 15 minutes and flipped and sprayed the other side.  #notrocketscience

Final coat here.  Once you've hit both sides you'll be able to see any spots you may have missed.  I just picked them up and hit all the spots that were still showing blue and then laid for the final dry for 30 minutes!!

And I just HAD to share this with you.  I showed you this project last year on the blog and I also talked about it on Full Plate the other day.  I found an even easier way to make a clean line and I'll share that with you in a full post.  However I added glitter spray paint this time and I am IN LOVE!!!!  Isn't is so sparkly and fabulous????  I'm going to do some with polka dots too.  Can't wait to use them over the holidays!!!

Are you as obsessed with spray paint as I am???

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