Wednesday, November 16, 2016

High School Homecoming 40th Birthday Party

I have no idea how my main squeeze and I suddenly hit the big 4-0 but we did within three weeks of each other.  My hubby and family and friends threw me a great surprise party the week of my birthday (I'll share another time) but our schedule didn't allow for a surprise party right away for Ryan.  So, we had to wait a month for his surprise.  At that point he probably thought that I was a heartless wife who didn't do anything for his milestone birthday.  Bwhwhahahahaa apparently he doesn't know me very well.  One of my BFF's threw out the idea of a high school homecoming theme and we ran from there.  If there is one thing to know about me and my friends.....we go BIG or go home ;)  I'm talking building a float for the birthday party, THE day of the party.

We also decided to tell everyone to wear their old high school varsity jackets, jerseys, cheerleading uniforms,  class rings, etc.  You cannot even imagine how excited people were to bust out these oldies but goodies.

Now onto the logistics!!  My hubby does not sit still very well and always has to be busy.  So the real trick was keeping him away from the house for 6 hours.  Whew, it was a little touch and go for a while but we pulled off a great surprise.  He was even an hour late, so I guess we were worried for nothing ;)  Enough talking get ready for a picture dump!

Now, who knew that we all still had our mad float building skills???  Look at that 40 in the background!!  One of my BFFs and her girls made that ahead of time and stored it at their house!!!  It was an old door from a chicken coop and the finished product was perfect.
Side Note:  I couldn't find enough orange tissue paper for the sign so I bought napkins and they worked GREAT.  One package of 6 pieces of orange tissue paper was $1.48 and a package of 24 napkins was $0.99.  THAT was a no-brainer.  So if you're going to make a float anytime soon, I recommend that napkins ;)

Come on that dummy and the goal post!!  We're kind of a big deal, right?

The scoreboard was seriously the cherry on top.  There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into those individual lights but it was sooooooo worth it.  Really I was sad to have to take it down!

My three loves!!

Family photo time!

Awwwwww this was my FAVORITE picture of my hubby back in the glory days!!  #hottie

Balloon topiaries!!!!  Have you ever made them?  OMG they were so easy and SOOOOOOO cute.  I think they may be right up there with my tissue paper poofs.  Cheap, quick and easy and so festive.

Here's boo-boo kitty recreating THE pose ;)

A group photo of me and my BFF's!!  <3 <3 <3 

Last but CERTAINLY not least a group picture of everybody that busted out their old high school gear (whether it fit or not :P)!!!!

Here are some final pictures of some of the guests <3 <3

Whew, that was a whole lotta pictures.  Thanks for hanging around til the end!!

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