Monday, June 19, 2017

Delicious Dessert Bars

I had to make dessert bars for a golf outing this past weekend and thought I'd try something new.  I don't usually like to make something that I've never made before and serve it to a bunch of people, but I thought eh, I'll live on the edge this time.  #rebel

I took to the interweb to find a recipe and stumbled across a recipe that sounded so divine that I couldn't resist.  One one of my favorite blogs for recipes is Mix and Match Mama.  I've made so many of her recipes and am NEVER disappointed.  So go on over to find her amazing and simple recipe for Peanut Butter Cup S'mores .  I made my family the guinea pigs and was given the thumbs up to serve them at the golf outing ;)  #whew

Such simple and cheap ingredients!!

However, let me tell you, that this part was a little stressful.  Well stressful might be extreme but I was starting to get nervous.  You use the boxed cake mix but you don't put in the water that the cake recipe calls for.  Soooooo, it is much thicker and SUPER sticky.  I finally used my noggin' and sprayed a little non-cooking spray on the spatula and was able to smooth it out MUCH easier.

Once you've got it spread out you add in the peanut butter cups.  I used a slightly different sized pan so I had to break some of the peanut butter cups apart (nope I wasn't just snacking on each of those before I added them).

Wowza, the marshmallow fluff was pretty sticky too but I got 'er done!  I was a sticky mess....

Then you add the 1/3 remaining cake batter.  The recipe says to drop in dollops and it will spread out as it cooks.  I was too afraid so I use the spatula with the cooking spray to smooth it out the best I could.

Hold onto your shorts, because the marshmallow fluff is REALLY gonna fluff.  I was watching anxiously hoping not to have a spill over into the oven.  Whew, I did not!!!

Annnnnnddddd here is the finished product.  Soooooooo stinkin' good.