Monday, June 26, 2017

{DIY} Fireplace Log Holder

Happy, Happy Monday!!!!  Did that sound chipper?  I tried my hardest to sound all woohhhooo it's Monday again but man it's a real bummer that Monday is here already.  Oh well, moving on!

I decided to bust out my favorite spray paint this weekend and brighten up a little something in our great room.   I never realized how blah our log holder was that sits next to our fireplace.  Here is the before picture.

See, just kind of drab and boring, huh??  Don't get me wrong though, I do love it.  My FIL had it sitting in his barn and it had never been used.  He was nice enough to hand it over to me.

I took it out in the garage and got all of the dust off of it (awkward) and knocked off a few spots where there was flaking.

Once it was all cleaned up, I flipped it upside down and put in a large box I had in the garage to keep from getting too much over-spray.

 Here is the bottom all done.  I let it dry for 20 minutes and was ready to flip it over and finish up.

Here is the finished product.  All done and ready to dry.  Really I love this paint.  It really is forgiving and makes such a quick and cheap impact.  In case you can't read that tiny writing it is Gold Bright Metallic Finish from Krylon.

Here is the finished product back in the great room.  Love it!!

Huge difference, right????


  1. Very rich looking. I have a few things that could use a coat or two of paint like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. It is such a cheap fix to spruce something up :-)