Monday, June 12, 2017

Patio Spruce Up with Krylon Spray Paint

Hello all!!  Long time no talk.  I was going to just start typing away and pretend like I haven't blogged in six months,  buuuttttttt I couldn't.  So yeah life got busy and, let's be honest, I got lazy. #thetruthhurts  However, I have tons of things that I want to get done around the house over the next several months/year so what better time to fire up the ole blog?

Let's get to it!  The weather has been glorious here in Michigan so the veranda will start getting lots of love.  As Ryan and I sat out there Sunday morning drinking coffee I realized that the spiders had take over and the dust was an inch think on the furniture.  So, I decided Sunday was the day to pull everything off and give the ole girl a power cleaning.  Wowza, there were so many creepy black, hairy spiders but not anymore ;)   After scrubbing down all the frames on the furniture, sweeping the concrete and using the leaf blower to blow the dust off the cushions I was in business.

As I started to put everything back I realized that my bright green lanterns were in tough shape.  Take a look!  You can see how some sides were fading because of the sun and rust was starting to pop up.

You can really see how the two sides looked totally different after the sun faded the paint. Not that it was the worst thing in the world but nothing a little spray painted couldn't fix.

They were however getting pretty rusty and that wasn't so awesome!

Soooooo, I went to my cabinet 'o paint and pulled one of my faves out.   Krylon bright metallic finish in gold!  Seriously this stuff is soooooo awesome!

I cleaned the lantern really well to get rid of any dust (and maybe more cob webs :O )  and was ready to rock and roll.  As you see above, I laid them out on some paper and went to town.  It only needed one coat and I was time in no time at all.

Here's the finished product.....

What do you think?  Do you love them like I do?  One of the things I like the most is that you can still see some of the green peeking through from the inside.  These have little doors on one side, so if I decided I didn't like the green then I could paint the inside as well!

Love them.....


  1. Beautiful. I wouldn't have thought that color would have looked so amazing. You have such a good eye (really two of them).

  2. Love it...and love the green peaking through.