Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Great Room Makeover

Good morning, friends!!  Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday.  Today would be even better if it was Friday but well, ya know!  A girl can dream :-)

So, let's talk about our great room.  It is really the last major room in our house that I just haven't been satisfied with.  I mean I like it but it is just kinda blah.  Do you remember when I couldn't figure out what to do in our sunroom for FOREVER.  But finally completed the sunroom and LOVE IT now.

Soooooo, that's where I'm at with our great room.  Baby girl graduates next year and I WILL have the great room complete.  My mom and I have been on a mission so something tells me, it will be done LONG before next summer ;)

In case you need a refresher, here is the picture of our great room that was in Monroe Magazine.

It always looks less blah at Christmas time because I have that ginormous Christmas tree to fill in that big empty corner.  HOWEVER, I can't leave my Christmas tree up year round so I need to come up with a plan.

Here are some pictures that I took quickly with my phone so we have plenty of befores to start with.

Not sure if you remember but there used to be a credenza on this wall but my mom and dad bought it from me so it now calls their house home.   So, I'm on a mission for a replacement and some ART!!

I really want to bring color into this room.  I'm talking orange, blush, and magenta.  Yeah you heard me!!  I realized that the pops of orange were what brought my sunroom to life.  This means that my curtains have to go.  I have found my new favorite fabric place over at Tonic Living.  Gotta admit that I am obsessed.  
Have no fear though, these curtains are going in Emma's room....finally curtains for her room.  Sorry baby girl :P

And THIS wall.  This is where the Christmas tree goes and for two months it looks much less sad. However the other 10 months are pretty BORING. I'm looking for two accent chairs for this area to make a little reading nook.   (Spoiler Alert:  I may have found a screaming deal yesterday and already have them....you'll have to wait and see).

And this glass table.  Not sure but I'm thinking I might want to go back to a wooden coffee table to warm this room up but we'll wait and see.  So this baby might be on craigslist before you know it!

And the fireplace mantle is looking a little boring without stocking and garland for days.  So, my plan is to bring in some greenery and more color to bring it to life.

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