Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{Update} Great Room Makeover

Ok, ok so since I am as predictable as the day is long I couldn't wait any longer and had to show you what's happening in the great room.  Ok, well not a TON has been happening but I couldn't wait to show you THIS.....

I found this at World Market last week marked down to $129.00 (originally $349.99) and it had all of the colors that I was looking for.  

I had originally planned to go with plain blush colored chairs but couldn't pass up this deal!  They only had one in stock so my second one had to be ordered and should hopefully be here by next weekend.  They were the perfect scale for that corner and will make a perfect little seating area next to the fireplace.

I even love the legs on these.  They are very mid-century modern and that is one of the many things I loved about these chairs.  

Here is the fabric that I will be ordering to make pillows for the couch.  Now I know this is a LOT of color and pattern and may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am sooooooo excited.

Here is a look at the Lulu Leopard fabric on the couch where the pillows will go! 

I also plan to get this Secret Gate, Blossom fabric for coordinating pillows on the couch.

Finally I'd like to throw in a couple blush faux fur pillows to finish off the couches.  I'm not exactly sure how the blush pillow will look with the secret gate blossom so something may change.....
As you can see most of this stuff is pretty pricey so I'm sure I'll be taking my sweet old time waiting for things to (hopefully) go on sale!!

Rest assured, I'm going with solid curtains ;)


  1. Love the chair - very bright and pretty. Not too sure about the fur pillow. Guess I'll have to see what it looks like when you have it put together. Are you going to make the pillows with the fabric you are ordering?

    1. Oh, it'll be super cute. Have faith ;) Hahhaha!!! Yes I'll be making pillows and by I'LL be making pillows, I'll be asking my mama to help!!!