Friday, June 16, 2017

Finished Breakfast Nook!

Do y'all remember almost exactly a year ago when I wrote this post talking about how bad I wanted a banquette for my breakfast nook?  No?  I don't blame you....that was a long time ago!!  Anywho, I finally got that banquette not TOO long after that post but then I started slacking again and never shared it with you.

Sooooo, I'm here to share my breakfast nook with you.  We don't use it as much as we should and I think I need to change that.  It really is cozy, looks out on to the veranda and would be the perfect spot to sip coffee when it's too chilly to sit outside.

I promise I'll stop talking and get to the pictures**.  Here you go!
**I took them with my phone so they are a tad bit dark.....

Yes I do still have ornaments hanging from my light.  Mostly because I love then and secondly because I haven't been able to get them untied ;)

That is a vase from the Dollar Tree that I painted with gold stripes using Krylon paint.  You can find out how to paint your own vases here.

The gold charger and the plate with the gold ring around the outside are both from the Dollar Tree. They are usually very easy to find around the holidays and add a little bling to your table year round. Those adorable little bowls were from my grandma and make me smile every time I look at them.

Don't you just love the banquette??  It fit the space perfectly and most importantly didn't break the bank.

I ordered the banquette from Wayfair and it qualified for free shipping and arrived in two days.  You can find a similar banquette here.

These geometric candle holders are also from the Dollar Tree and look amazing at night when they are lit up.  Let's be honest, I like to spray paint anything that will sit still long enough but there is NO WAY that I could ever paint anything like that.  Well worth the $1.00 each.

There you have it.  It only took me 11 months to share it with you.  Whew, gotta work on that ;)


  1. Way cool! Your Grandmother would be so proud that you used her little bowls in such a beautiful setting. Good job, Mindy.

    1. Thanks auntie :-) Yep I bet she'd love to know they are still being used <3