Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big shocker!

I know I really shouldn't act surprised but you know I am not the most patient person put on this earth!  Yep, Greenstone ordered the appraisal exactly 3 weeks ago on yesterday.  The appraiser said he was figuring on a 3 week timeline to complete the construction appraisal. A full construction appraisal consists of an appraisal of our property and then a full appraisal of what everything will be worth in the end once the house and barn are up on our 10 acres. 
I (of course) was stalking my email inbox on Monday hoping he might be a day early.  Then finally come Tuesday when I hadn't heard anything I couldn't take it any longer.  I emailed A at Greenstone and asked her if she had heard anything.  I gotta believe she has caught on to the fact that I am OCD because she had already emailed the appraiser THAT morning (exactly three week as I am SURE she figured she would hear from me :P).  His response?  He SHOULD have it done early next week.  Uggghhhhh whatevs, I guess I'll just wait longer.....

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