Friday, February 1, 2013

Get your saws fired up.....

I went to Lowe's a couple weeks ago to price out some marble for our master bath and I stumbled upon a screamin' deal!  I know, I know hard to believe right?  (Ryan is really tired of me stumbling onto deals).  My bringing home deals days are numbered.....since I REFUSE to pay for another storage unit. 

Ok, back to the point.  While I was at Lowe's I noticed these granite composite counter tops that were all one piece.  They had the sinks nicely molded in and I loved the look.  As you know I already have the kids' vanities ( I don't think I ever shared a picture though) and I have just been waiting to buy the tops until I found a good deal.  Well, while my Lowe's BFF (Eric) was pricing my marble he saw me eyeing the other vanity tops.  He then kindly pointed out a $1,200 special order granite composite double vanity that had been returned.   As I got closer I realized that they were the perfect color.....

Here is the wide view:

Now here is an up close and personal view of one of the sinks:

Obviously I was NOT paying 1,200 bucks for this double vanity but the clearance price of $150 was my kind of deal!  However there was one little catch....this baby is just shy of 9 feet long.  The kids' vanities are each 30 inches wide sooooooo that means get your saws fired up b*tches!!  Now Eric told me what kind of saw I would need to use, but do you think I could actually remember?  Eh, that's Ryan's department.

Since I couldn't fit it in my Jeep I had to wait for Ryan to get his truck and come back with me.  Of course they told me they would put it on 2 pallets and shrink wrap it and have it waiting for us on Saturday morning.......

I'll save the trip to pick it up for another post ;)

Any infinite wisdom on what kind of saw we should use?????

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