Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What do Larry the Cable Guy, dirty rice, and travel size Hamburger Helper have in common?

Well the Dollar General.....OF COURSE.  Duh!! 

Little buddy had basketball practice in Blissfield last night and I decided to drop and run  take him into practice and then go peruse the Dollar General down the road.  For the record (I know I've said it before) Dollar General is no where near as fun as Dollar Tree.  True statement. 

Anywho I was really wandering aimlessly as I didn't really NEED anything but was sure I could kill some time instead of sitting on the hard gym floor for an hour. 

Then I found THIS!

Uhmmmm really?  Ok.......

Uhmmmmm as tasty and CLEAN as that sounds, I am gonna have to pass!

Finally I came across the "travel size" hamburger helper box that, according to Mrs. Crocker, serves about 3.  Well apparently she has never seen buddy eat Hamburger Helper cuz if she had she would have thought about that statement.....serves 1 growing 9 year old.

I am such a sucker for the dollar stores however I did NOT buy any of the above 3 items.  I did however buy some iced animal crackers, 4 deodorants (for a dollar of course), and some cleaner.  I got so caught up in the magic of The Dollar General that I ALMOST bought these!

Don't you fret, thought, this fashion disaster was avoided!

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