Friday, February 8, 2013

Would you conisder these furniture??

I got a gift card to Home Goods for Christmas and I responded just like a kid would on Christmas day!  That was the ultimate gift in my house obsessed world!  It is possible I was running around doing this.....

Well consider yourselves lucky!  I was going to try to upload a video of myself doing the hillbilly happy dance but it is hard to videotape myself on my own on my lunch hour in my office so...YOU'RE WELCOME!!! 

And in usual fashion it was burning a hole in my pocket.
SIDE NOTE:  My dad on the other hand NEVER spends his gift cards and you can often find several lying around.....maybe I should start looking through the house a little better and see if I can help him out by spending a few!!

Sooooooo a couple days after Christmas I couldn't take it any longer and mom and I took a road trip to Home Goods (for the record there weren't any dudes trying to get us to "go drinking" with them that day).   Back in the day I wanted these to go on each side of our bed over the night stands but they were pretty effing pricey!

 However I found these at Home Goods and fell in love.  Not only were they only $30 bucks each but I also had a gift card to offset the costs!

Good lord, could somebody (ahem Denny) find me a Groupon for some photography classes?!?!!

They are very simple and just plain perfect!  Soooooooo now to my point.  When Ryan came home that night he said, "I sure hope those are your mom's lamps in the loft."   Uhmmmmmm nope those are ours honey.  He followed that up with, "I thought I told you not to buy anymore furniture until the house is done."

So, my question to you is this.  Do you consider lamps to be furniture or is it a dude thing???

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  1. Ask and ye shall receive ;)