Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grandma Peg is banned from buying beer!

Apparently when my mamacita buys beer, the dudes start coming out of the woodwork! 

Grandma Peg and I made a pit stop on our way home from work the other night to pick up some steaks.  Well I bought mom a couple things the other night and in her usual fashion she was insistent in buying something of mine to make us even.  Sooooooo she grabbed this out of my arms to pay for it.....

As we were walking out there was an explorer full of questionable dudes that said to my mom, "you ladies lookin' for somebody to drink with?'  Bwwhahahahaa I am soooooooooooooooo sure!!

Annndddd here is mom locking the door as fast as she could.  I really wished I could have captured the looks on our face when they said that. 

As you can tell I was rather amused by the situation and told mom that she needed to stop trying to pick up random dudes while we were out and about.

All I know is mom is not longer allowed to buy beer......she better stick to the white zin!

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