Sunday, April 27, 2014

Look what I scored for FOUR BUCKS!!

I had to run to Tecumseh on Friday to pick up some field tile and as I passed through Deerfield these little gems caught my eye.  I locked up the breaks flipped a U-turn and went back to the garage sale.

I picked up two side tables for.....four bucks!  Now you need to use a little imagination here.  I know you all may not see the potential in these now but I have BIG plans.  Drum roll please.....

Oh did I forget to mention that they both need some sort of tops???  Oops ;)  However I have Ryan and Jarod on the mission to whittle me some wood to fit the top since I am painting them anyhow.

Well what do you think?  Do you see the potential or do you think that I'm crazy???  These are next on the list after I refinish Emma's desk.  Can't wait!!

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