Monday, April 28, 2014

So many ideas, so little time!!

Seriously, my head is so full of ideas that I think it might explode!!  I think it is time to put together my to-do list to keep it all straight.  I really need to put it together so I can prioritize each project.  Let's be honest, honey biscuit will not think it is real cool if I have 6 projects going at once in his man space the garage!!

1)  Emma's Desk -  I have GOT to get this baby done this week.  She has been very patient as she keeps getting bumped lower on the list!!

2) My curio cabinet.  Remember this inspiration picture??  I should be able to get mine done in a day if I can just focus on ONE project!  That is a big IF......

3) Side tables for the sun room.  They are gonna require quite a bit of prep work so these may take a while.  I don't know though, Ryan talked about buying the wood this week to make the new tops!  Could happen this weekend.

4) DIY Decorative Spheres.  I know what ya'll are thinking.  Say what?!?!?!?  Have you seen these things everywhere lately?  Every time I stop at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Target I pick a couple up but end up putting them back.  Come on, we don't have grass yet, annndddd that just MIGHT be a little more important than decorative spheres ;)  Here is an example if you've never seem them.  These are from West Elm.

However I stumbled upon a new blog this weekend and she had an awesome CHEAP do-it-yourself version.  Soooo if you wanna give this little project a whirl with me stop on over to Hill Country Homebody and check out her GENIUS idea.  Now come on, who is going to try this with me????

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