Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Up Next on the Tour: Laundry Room

Now try to contain your excitement my friends but it is time for the laundry room tour.  I know it doesn't seem real exciting but for some weird reason I do love my laundry room!  Come on in.....

Here is the view walking in:

Don't blink because it is tiny but it serves its purpose!
Now here is the "full view".
Here is an up close shot of the sign...LOVE IT!!

I had been eyeing up a couple signs on Joss and Main but never pulled the trigger.  Then I walked into Hobby Lobby one Saturday and fell in love with this sign.  It was $29.99 AND 50% off.  Yep, I could handle $15.00 and I did.  Makes me think of Ryan and the munchkins every time I do laundry!! 

Here is my handy-dandy laundry basket (ahhhh the days of Blue's Clues)

Yep I use a Thirty-One bag for my laundry basket and it is perfect.  Did I mention that my SIL sells Thirty-One???  "Big mistake, huge"(can you name the movie)....because I can't get enough bags.  #hoardermuch

It just so happens that I am using ANOTHER Thirty-One bag to organize my cleaning supplies and laundry detergent in one of my cabinets. 

I'd share the other cabinet but believe you me you do NOT want to see that cabinet.

Finally my washer and dryer.

So I clearly went with very a very basic washer and dryer.  I really wanted to fancy front loaders but in the end decided that I wanted to spend the money on my kitchen appliances and had to dial back my laundry room expectations.  Let's be honest, do I really care?  Nope, because in the end, these do laundry just as well as any other washer and dryer would have (or at least that is what I keep telling myself). 

Thanks again for stopping by.

Now, can you name the movie that I quoted above?  Don't let me down peeps....


  1. Everything looks lovely. It looks beautiful but very functional.

  2. I love that you have two big storage cabinets in there. I need that!

    1. Thanks Trina, I love the cabinets too! Funny story about them....my hubby and FIL went to pick up one of my "screamin' deals" at this scary warehouse and were thankful they came out alive!!

  3. My laundry room is the same size. I want to do the same as you with the two cabinets and then put a pole in the middle for hanging clothes.

    1. Yep that is my plan as well!! I actually had one and it was WAY too wide. My husband just shook his head....heehehehe apparently eyeballing width is not my strong suit ;)

  4. I was just catching up on all your posts...your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love, love it! And...the quote is from Pretty Woman! ;-)

    1. Awwww thank you, thank you Nicole!!! We are getting there :-) You betcha....Pretty Woman it is!!!!