Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tequila makes her clothes fall off!!

Hahahaa I bet that title caught your attention didn't it?  Ok, ok so I was thinking of the Joe Nichols song and the line where he sings about "bridal showers with Bacardi punch".  Weeellll our baby shower had pink champagne punch and I had to share the recipe with you.....

I found this wine at the Milan Market and thought the pink bottles would be cute amongst all the green and blue.  Oh and maybe I thought that sparkling pink champagne sounded delish.  Yep, they were also 50% off ;)  So I picked up four bottles of this.

Once again I left our fate in the hands of the World Wide Web.  I found this simple but DELICIOUS recipe:

1 bottle sparkling pink moscato

1 2 liter of Vernors

1 can frozen lemonade concentrate

1 container of raspberries to garnish

It was sooooooo easy and soooooo good!  You've gotta try it. Did I mention it was really good?

Do you have any good champagne punch recipes to share?  I mean, come on, can you EVER have too many?  I think not.....

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