Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Two of my BFF's are pregnant with their third babies (yep we asked them if they knew how it kept happening) and they are both having sweet baby boys.  Sooooooo I got together with my other BFF's and we decided to throw them a little surprise baby shower.  We told them that we were going to have a girls brunch at my house and then the plotting began.

I decided to take to the interweb and do some searching for baby shower ideas and that is when I made the biggest mistake ever.  I gave in and went to the dark side started searching Pinterest.  I will be the first to admit that I am NOT the most crafty and/or artistic person on earth.  Let me tell you that I've had plenty failed attempts at cute pre-school treats for my angels (ahem, rice krispie treat snowmen).  So, seeing all of these adorable ideas, I decided I was not going to be a Pinterest fail statistic.  I then proceeded to infiltrate my SIL's email with all of the things we "needed" to do for the shower. 

The one thing I was bound and determined to make were the tissue paper poms that were EVERYWHERE when I googled baby shower ideas.  Annnddddd believe it or not here they are...

I loooovvvveeee these little things!!  Why?  I have absolutely no idea, but they make me smile.  Confession?  I still haven't taken them down yet!!

My next plan was big fluffy glorious cupcakes all over the dining room table.  Annndddd I was going to make homemade frosting and bust out the decorating bag and some decorating tips.  YIKES!!  As I said, I jacked up rice krispie treats shaped like snowmen many years ago so I wasn't feeling overly confident.

However before I get to the cupcakes my sister-in-law found her own little project that she wanted for the table.  Her first attempt at the cupcake rattles wasn't exactly successful but she regrouped and this is her finished product!!!

Yep marshmallow baby rattles!!  Aren't they adorable???  The marshmallows were dipped in white chocolate and rolled in sprinkles.  Love them.....and so did the kids!!!  They were all running around with little blue lips and blue teeth. 

Now for the cupcakes.  Johnna and Jamie came over Saturday night so we could get the cupcake conveyor belt going and here they are.

I must admit that I am rather proud of our mad cupcake skills!!

And what would a spring table be without tulips?  In the blue throwback mason jars.  LOVE THEM!

Here is the finished product....

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  1. Beautiful – The decorations and the decor! Nice job. Congrats to Carrie and Connie!!!