Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back in their court!

Ok in case you couldn't tell by all my criptic previous posts we had what you might like to call a little bit of a leach field problem!!!  Why wouldn't we???  So the buyers asked that we replace the leach field.  My husband, who I really believe can fix ANYTHING, is going to replace it (along with plenty of locals who I will have to pay in beer).  I have spent the last 2 days doing lots of research and Monroe County has plenty of info online for the homeowner to put in their own leach field.  We really thought we were fighting the man by suggesting doing the new leach field ourself....not so much.  It is perfectly acceptable for a homeowner to do it so long as we pull our permit.  So our realtor let the buyer's realtor know that we will cough up the cash to pay for the new leach field but WE will be replacing it.  Bottom line, if we are gonna sell we need a new leach field!!  These people didn't grow up in the country so they aren't familiar with the whole Do It Yourself mentality.  So, if they pass on our offer then so be it!! 
Soooooo in case any of you are really interested in installing your very own DIY leach field, here is a little diagram for your viewing enjoyment :P


  1. We did ours when we built our house.
    At least this will be practice for your NEW house.
    On a side note...
    When you flush for the first time with such excitement to have working plumbing remember to have TP in the house (I decided to use a yellow Wendys napkin in the car) make sure the pipe from the house is connected to the tank! Oh the fun jokes & memories you will have with building a house!


  2. Oh yeah Katie!! Ryan has done plenty of leach fields in his day so I am not worried! However, like you said, this will be great practice!!

  3. I don't have to dig poop like I chipped brick do I???? Bwhahahahaha!

  4. I tried to "like" Johnna's comment! :) You can talk me into brick chipping, NOT poop digging!

  5. I have absolutely no idea what we'll be getting into!! I do know that it will not be 400 degrees while we are chipping brick under a tarp that felt like a greenhouse :D

  6. Hey Girls, let's huddle up....

    All I know..."those" pictures better NEVER make it to your DIY blog! And I don't mean the shit digging pictures! :P

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