Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dream House Deals

Good Saturday Morning!!!!  Thought I would start this sunshiney, snow free Michigan morning with a DH deals post.  I picked up the bedding for our master bedroom from Macy's a couple months ago.  I believe it was President's Day as they had a pretty sweet deal going on!!  Here are some pictures.  The pictures don't really do it justice and I am afraid if I take it out of the bag I will NEVER get it to go back in.  I tried finding the direct link to Macy's, but it must be sold out.  Here ya go....

It is dark gray and the rings are silver.  It has the sheets and shams and a few foo-foo pillows thrown in.  I believe it was around 200 bucks and was marked down several times to $79.99 and then because it was their fancy President's Day sale I got another 10% off and free shipping.  THEN to make it an even bigger screamin' deal I had a $50 gift card so they virtually paid ME to take this off their hands.  Can I get a HOLLA?????