Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi I'm earth...have we met yet???

That is exactly what I would like to say to our buyers!!  Wow people get a clue.  How 'bout we just give you our house, free of charge?!?!  Would that be alright (insert sarcasm)????  Sweet jesus we gave them plenty back in the deal we had....we gave them their down payment, their taxes, their closing costs oh and that whole brand new leach field that we were coughing up the cash for and putting in.  Would you believe their realtor called our realtor and asked if we would knock another grand off the price.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!  Our realtor responded with an emphatic NO!!

Well, now what???  They better hope they figure something out to make this work.  Cuz if they don't, my shameless plugs will continue in my quest to sell our humble abode, bwwwhahahahhahahaaaa!!!! Be afraid, very afraid!!

                                                 (image courtesy of NASA's website)

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  1. Maybe they'd just like to move in with you and you can take care of all the lil incidental things like mortgage and utilities!